New Leaf Curriculum Recommended For California High Schools

A division of the California Department of Education, California Healthy Kids Resource Center (CHKRC), has completed its review of New Leaf Treatment Center’s Curriculum, The Neuroscience of Addiction, will now be available as a resource for educators in California schools. The CHKRC is funded by the California Department of Education and the California Department of Public Health. It maintains a comprehensive collection of peer-reviewed health education materials for teachers, administrators, university faculty, and other professionals who work with preschool through 12th grade students in school settings and after-school programs. The CHKRC materials are available for loan from the CHKRC library, with free delivery in California. (

The New Leaf Curriculum is used by schools, families, treatment programs, and correctional facilities nationwide. It provides answers for basic questions surrounding drugs and addiction that adolescents and adults should be able to answer: What is a drug? What are the risk factors for addiction? How can I know if someone is addicted? How can I stop? The New Leaf Curriculum teaches how to identify craving (desire to use drugs or alcohol) and how to manage craving (make it go away).

The New Leaf Curriculum targets adolescents and adults who are using, or at risk of using, drugs and alcohol. It is extremely accessible and breaks down challenging scientific concepts in order to make sense out of the troubling disease of addiction.

The New Leaf Model of Treatment focuses on craving by focusing on topics such as: the mechanisms of drugs, how drugs produce the disease of addiction, the risk factors for addiction, how to determine whether someone is moving towards addiction, and simple strategies to promote addiction resilience. A preview of the New Leaf Curriculum is accessible on the New Leaf Treatment Center website:

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