Pain Management

Pain Management is a free-standing service and is also incorporated into our Adult and Youth Outpatient Programs if needed.  The following outlines the New Leaf Treatment Center pain management philosophy.

The management of chronic pain is a major focus of our efforts. Services are offered to addicted people with co-occurring pain and to non-addicted people as well.  The centerpiece of chronic pain management is to find a dose of opiate medication that best relieves pain, and relieves pain without sedation.

In developing a daily regimen the following principles are utilized, and are described in detail in our PowerPoint slides developed to educate physicians about the core principles of pain management:

Utilizing these principles, some patients require high doses of substitution medication to achieve optimum pain control; the upper limit of the amount of medication is the amount that would cause sedation.  Medications are taken around-the-clock on a scheduled basis in order to maintain the necessary “steady state” levels of medications.  “Breakthrough” medications are avoided.  The large majority of properly-managed patients will achieve substantial pain relief and are able to achieve normal daily function.

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