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Craving Identification and Management

CIM Research Publication
CIM Powerpoint Presentation
CASA Study. Addiction Medicine: Closing the Gap Between Addiction and Medicine.
New York Times on Effective Addiction Treatment

Withdrawal Symptom Assessment Keys

Causes of Craving Assessment Key
Nicotine Withdrawal Assessment Key
Sedative Hypnotic Withdrawal Assessment Key
Cannabis Withdrawal Assessment Key
Opiate Withdrawal Assessment Key

Drug Detox and Pain Management

Detox Basics
Oroville Hospital Pain Management
NAC (N-Acetylcysteine) Informational Handout
The Story of Glutamate in Drug Addiction

Sedative Hypnotic Addiction and Treatment

Sedative-Hypnotic Detox Handout for Patients
Sedative-Hypnotic Detox Handout for Physicians

Opiate Addiction and Treatment

Buprenorphine Sliver-Induction Protocol
Buprenorphine Taper Protocol
Bruprenorphine-Assisted Relapse Prevention Treatment
Opiate Dependence and Treatment
Prescription Opiate Abuse Treatment Study

Lecture Powerpoints

Methamphetamine and Cocaine
Methamphetamine Web Seminar

Kindling Research

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New Leaf in the News


2 October – Dr. Stalcup testified in a Solano County Superior Court case about the combined effects of psilocybin mushrooms, alcohol, and marijuana. Cervantes defense blew him off, psychologist says.


21 January – Dr. Stalcup was quoted in an article released by The Associated Press about the consequences of methamphetamine abuse in California: Horrific Murder No Surprise in Meth Capital of US.

31 January – Dr. Stalcup recently interviewed on the Here & Now segment on WBUR Boston’s National Public Radio with host, Robin Young about the epidemic of methamphetamine abuse in California: The View From Meth Capital, USA.

16 February – Dr. Gantt Galloway was recently interviewed by KTVU Channel 2, about the possible risks of the inhalable caffeine product, AeroShot: FDA to Review Possible Dangers of Inhalable Caffeine Product.

21 February – Dr. Stalcup recently interviewed with KTXL FOX 40, about the history of methamphetamine murders with regards to the potential dangers of methamphetamine use: History on Speed Freak Killers


26 January – Dr. Stalcup appeared in a story on ESPN about use and misuse of opioid painkillers by retired National Football League Players: NFL Painkiller Misuse and Painkiller Use in Today’s NFL.

15 July – Dr. Stalcup was quoted in a front-page story in the Fresno Bee about the rise in heroin use that is following the prescription opioid epidemic: Heroin use on rise in Valley. Narcotic is cheaper alternative to prescription meds.

25 August – Dr. Galloway was quoted in a story on Medscape News about one of his recent research projects: Cell Phone Photos May Make Adherence a Snap. Simple, low-cost method may help boost adherence in a wide variety of patient populations.

8 November – Dr. Gantt Galloway was quoted in an article released by the San Francisco Chronicle about a recent research study focusing on a potential way to treat methamphetamine dependence through antidepressants: Antidepressant Could Help Meth Addicts Kick Habit.

28 November – Dr. Gantt Galloway was quoted in an article released by the San Francisco Chronicle about the warnings and adverse effects of pepper spray, with regards to the Occupy protests: The Accidental Vehicular Protest.


6 July – Our study of counseling for treatment of methamphetamine addiction was mentioned in a front-page story in the San Francisco Chronicle: New therapies, drugs offer hope to meth addicts.

27 JulyDr. Galloway was quoted in a front page story in the Contra Costa Times about adolescent addiction to the prescription opioid painkiller OxyContin: OxyContin prescription drug abuse a “silent, growing problem” amoung youths.

Upcoming Clinical Trials
The research staff at New Leaf is a national leader in promoting quality treatment, examining current treatment methods, and testing new treatments for drug dependence.

We are starting two additional clinical trials of treatments for methamphetamine addiction. One of these trials will test an automated text message system to give people in treatment at New Leaf extra support when they are not at the clinic. The other trial will test whether the medication modafinil (Provigil) is helpful in reducing the cognitive impairment and lack of energy seen after quitting and whether this helps people stay off of methamphetamine.

Publications By New Leaf Staff:


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